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We're a people-focused, product-driven team, ready to deliver on our engineering excellence and application know-how.


We go further to bring hydraulic solutions that are solving the issues of tomorrow. We’re taking on some of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Productivity. Profitability. Efficiency. Capability. Continental been at the forefront of engineering hydraulic solutions for over 60 years – testament to a long-standing reputation built upon exceeding challenges and opportunities in front of us. We’re a worldwide leader – a one-stop-shop for valves, pumps, power units and proportional products – all assembled in the US and supported by an experienced and dedicated team.

But we don‘t stop there. We actively seek-out applications that test us, applying our engineering excellence and know-how to explore new ways to solve the issues of tomorrow.

At Continental, our purpose is to set the world in motion through our passion for engineering, human endeavor and manufacturing excellence.

To grow a business that delivers the highest customer satisfaction through dedicated people, outstanding products and strong application know-how.

To bring exceptional products to our industrial markets with premier customer service, creating value for all our stakeholders.

To achieve our mission we shall:

  • Create a portfolio of superior motion solutions products
  • Excel in our customers expectations in the areas of quality, delivery and cost
  • Deliver our unique engineering and application know-how at every opportunity
  • Be the partner of choice within our specified markets
  • Behave with integrity, fairness and respect for our people, customers and communities
  • Attract new people with the potential to add value to the business
  • Seek new opportunities for growth through collaboration or acquisition

Commitment  |  Solutions  |  Growth  |  Partnership

We do what we say we’ll do. We take charge, we drive it, develop it and deliver it. Quality and safety are a priority to us – we’re accountable.

We think different. By always asking why, we go beyond what’s presented to us and innovate at every opportunity – we’re passionate.

We aim high at all times. We create opportunities for ourselves, our customers and our stakeholders at large – we’re ambitious.

Our customers rely on us. Our expertise and insights enable trust, openness and collaborative working that foster sustainable and long lasting relationships – we’re here to help.

We believe our first responsibility is to the people who help drive our business forward and in doing so, deserve full commitment from Continental.

Our People Charter outlined here, ensures that we deliver on our promises to you.

We will:

  • Support you through investment and training so we can build a high performance business by delivering excellent customer service
  • Provide a safe and inclusive work environment where each person must be considered as an individual. We must respect their diversity and dignity and recognize their merit.
  • Encourage employees to reach their potential, foster teamwork and collaboration, and celebrate individual and team achievements
  • Contribute positively to the communities of which we are part and minimize our impact on the environment
  • Listen in confidence when you have a problem and support you at every opportunity

Dynamic realities made of people who care, respond fast and deliver both engineering excellence and application know-how. Most important, are agile and easy to do business with.


PEOPLE: Provide safety awareness and procedures to ensure employees own health and that of their colleagues and others are closely observed.

OPERATIONS: Provide and maintain safe systems of work with reporting criteria and personal responsibilities.

ENVIRONMENT: Provide safe working environment for all with inspections and reporting.

EQUIPMENT: Provide and maintain safe equipment and ensure safety operations with appropriate training.

STANDARDS: Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations at all national levels.


1928 Continental Machines Specialty Inc. opens in Minneapolis, MN. Producing special tooling, die work, and band saws.

In 1940 Continental’s first hydraulic component, combination valve for surface grinders is designed and manufactured.

1955 Production begins on first pump. Vane type with 7 gpm capacity, used on cut-off saws.

vintage continental machine


Continental Hydraulics was established in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with separate engineering group and sales dept. Developed PVR pump and Polypac HPV. In our early years the business was focused on the supply of hydraulic components and systems for use in the production of hydraulics band saws by the parent company, Continental Machines.

Continental Hydraulics 1962 logo; white background
3 different directional valve products; white background


During the 70’s and 80’s the company added more products including directional valves, proportional valves, vane pumps, piston pumps, and other hydraulic systems. Our products continue to be successful in a variety of markets and applications in the industrial and mobile segments.

5 different types of vane pumps; red background
Hydraulic pump products; blue background


1980 Continental Hydraulics moves to a new factory:

5505 West 123rd Street,
Savage, Minnesota 55378

Continental Hydraulics logo 2; white background
Continental Hydraulics brick and mortar facility; blue skies


Introduction of the HPV axial piston pumps.

4 different types of pump products; white background


Production started for the PVX high pressure variable vane pump.

5 different Vane Pump products; white background


Acquisition of Continental Hydraulics by the Duplomatic Motions Solutions Group in 2011 based in Parabiago, Italy. 2013 New P. E. ownership boosts Duplomatic Motion Solutions investments in machining and test equipment for continental to support new product development and more efficient manufacturing.

The full line of Duplomatic valves is made available under the Continental brand.

Duplomatic Motion Solutions logo; white background


Continental Hydraulics moves to a new factory (114,000 square feet) in Shakopee, Minnesota, with over 75 employees. Specializing in Pumps, Valves and Power Units.

Continental Hydraulics logo with tagline; white background
Daytime image of Continental Hydraulic's brick and mortar facility with company logo on billboard


Acquisition of Hydreco by the Duplomatic Motions Solution Group. The mobile counterpart of Continental

Delivering innovative solutions across a spectrum of mobile applications: On road, off road, mining, construction, defense, off-shore and marine, agriculture and municipal.

Hydreco logo with tagline; white background
X-ray of heavy equipment showing (in green) where Continental Hydraulic's products are located


2022 will mark our 60 Year Anniversary of Continental Hydraulics Inc.

Armed with a lean and quality mindset, our people strive each and every day to reach the highest quality standards. Our commitment to quality shines through our stringent processes and the knowledge that it is central to us achieving engineering excellence.

Continental is synonymous with quality products and high levels of customer service which is why we have loyal, long standing relationships with so many. Often, quality is taken as a standard, but every one of us here at Continental approaches quality with high regard and pride.

Continental Hydraulics is committed to providing our customers with robust, high-quality, continually-improving products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations and meet or exceed all applicable requirements.

Orion certified logo


Continental help align their people to the purpose, vision, technology and learning within the business. It’s known as Our Journey. With this, we aim to engage and inspire our people to achieve excellence in everything they do, resulting in the delivery of value to our customers.

Our journey culture enables the development of individuals and teams and actively fosters the potential within. With this structured approach we are able to retain excellent people who champion the need for continuous improvement through their career and with a commitment to achieving the highest engineering standards.


Our four pillars support everything we do for our customers at Continental. From the way we develop new products to how we deliver them. They work together to ensure that the value our customers expect, are provided in a way that sustains relationships and confidence.

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