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Power Units

Continental has earned their outstanding reputation for high quality, long lasting power units over the last 58 years because of:

  • International standard design and or customized to your specific application.
  • Engineering support, standard and custom design configuration with drawing documentation
  • Long life, low warranty, distribution support.

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Custom power unit no background

Custom design and manufacturing of your power unit

The first thing someone thinks of when you say custom; is complicated, expensive and with long lead times. Did you know 70% of all our custom units are configured from our standard catalog pages. Our standards have so many options that they can act as a base unit.

Modify a standard to your specific specification such as; making it stainless steel construction, special dimensions, custom paint spec or color, special voltages, special fluids etc. This saves time and money by modifying standards. However, there are special cases where a complete custom constructed and special integrated circuit is required. With our engineering experience, design solutions and complete documentation you will get a custom system that’s easy to install and years of customer satisfaction.

NFPA-JIC power unit; white background

Industry standard design

This style has a wide variety options to meet just about any application. They’re efficient, rugged, and easy to maintain. This is our most basic design and we stock a wide selection of components for competitive pricing and delivery.

  • Industry standard horizontal design
  • 10 to 210 Gallon reservoirs
  • 1-75 GPM Pump flow
  • UP 4000 PSI
  • 1-125 HP
Low Profile Power Unit; white background

Designed for use in locations where space is at a premium

The low profile and access to all the components allows for easy adjustments and efficient maintenance. Their economical and easy to configure with out sacrificing any quality.

  • Low profile, economical
  • 10 to 30 Gallon reservoirs
  • 1-10 GPM
  • Up to 4000 psi
  • Up to 20HP
L-shape power unit white background

One of the most rugged designs

This style also has a wide variety of options to meet any application. Flooded suction provides the longest lasting pumps. Positive pressure inlet allows the pump to work less and operate quieter. Combine this unit with a cooling, filtration circuit and this power unit will provide years of service. Top it off with a control panel and now you have a turn key system all from one source.

  • Flooded suction, long life
  • 10 to 210 Gallon reservoirs
  • 1-75 GPM Pump flow
  • UP TO 4000 PSI
  • 1-125 HP
Little champ power unit; white background

This unit offers power in a compact and quite package

Their economical, easy to configure and the stocked components allow for fast delivery. It’s basically an intermittent unit, however, equipped with right features it can run continuously and compete with any rugged condition.

  • Compact, economical
  • 3 to 40 Gallon reservoirs
  • 1-15 GPM Pump flow
  • Up to 4000 psi
  • Up to 20 HP
4 stacked binders; "parts", "manuals", "accessories", "power units"; white background

Wide range of Power Unit accessories

Accessories that can be either mounted on the power unit, or purchased separately. Everything from filters and gauges to gear pumps and electric motors can be found in the accessories catalog.

  • Cooling & heating components
  • Filtration components
  • Switches
  • Industry 4.0 sensors
  • Motor starters
  • Hardware
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