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Only by working together - pulling in the same direction, can we achieve our ambitious business goals.


Continental is a proud member of the Duplomatic Group.

Duplomatic is an ambitious mid-size technology player in industrial and mobile hydraulics. Since its beginnings in 1952 it has built an enviable reputation for exceptional people, highly skilled at finding simple engineering solutions for the most complex applications. Fast moving, closest to the customer, trustworthy, this is what Duplomatic is all about. We put hearts and minds in everything we do and it pays off.

Today Duplomatic has 11 production facilities worldwide with an important presence in all key markets: the US, Europe, China, India and APAC. We want to be close to the customer, as simple as that. With over 400 employees, a turnover of $130 million and more than 1,000 customers internationally, the Group is headquartered near Milan, Italy.

Within the Duplomatic Group there are three (3) distinct brands each one with a clear focus:

Continental Hydraulics offers hydraulic components and systems, electro-mechanics and electronics for industrial applications in North America.

Duplomatic is where it all started and is focused on the design and manufacturing of systems and components for industrial applications worldwide, with the only exception of North America.

Hydreco has a long history of design, manufacture and supply of innovative components for mobile applications. They are the go-to company for on-road, off-road, off-shore and defense solutions worldwide.

At Duplomatic, quality is created and delivered with pride and we work to ensure our products are of the highest standards.

ISO 9001 – Quality
ISO 14001 – Environment
ISO 45001 – Health and Safety

Orion certified logo

As a dynamic company we believe in people’s potential to help grow the business from the inside-out. If you’re genuinely eager to grow, both personally and professionally, passionate about engineering motion technologies and ready for a truly transformational challenge, please visit our website and explore the open opportunities.

Our future is clear to us. Come and join us.

Growth objectives for the Duplomatic Group are ambitious yet realistic. With a clear strategy for growth, we’re committed to bringing the Group to the next level by accelerating change within each Group’s company while exploring new additions that will further strengthen our offering to our customers.

The world is an ever-changing environment and Duplomatic is carefully looking at shifts in both markets and technologies to make decisions toward a sustainable future.

Being part of a team is both rewarding and exciting. That’s why the culture at Duplomatic is vibrant and fun. With the right mix of talented individuals working together as a single team, we can achieve our goals and celebrate together! We attract candidates that are looking to be pushed beyond their perceived boundaries
with all the benefits that come with it. Our personal development program ensures every person is treated equally and supported to be the best they can be.

We’re one company – one team.






through Innovation and Growth

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