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Heavy Industry Equipment

Continental Hydraulics boasts a strong reputation for hydraulic and pneumatic components that are part of most industrial facilities and responsible for the movement of most automated components.

Since we understand the importance of limiting the downtime in every operation, Continental Hydraulics ensures that every situation is approached with an open mind to deliver the right solution for you.

Motors, pumps, valves, and cylinders are essential components in your manufacturing plants, and our engineering, customer service, and technical support teams are here to assist you in your day-to-day industrial needs.

Continental is familiar and well versed in this specific application. Speak with our team to ensure downtime is limited and your confidence in us higher than ever.

Continental Products for Heavy Industry Equipment

Hydraulic power unit; white background
VSD03S-3A-AR0-24K7-A directional control valve product; white background
HPVR open-circuit piston pump product; white background

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• Grain Handling
• Brick and Block
• Automotive Manufacturing
• Agriculture Equipment
• Bailer/Compactors
• Recycling / Refuse
• D.O.T. Equipment
• Foundry
• Aluminum/Plastic
• Concrete & Aggregate


• Conveyors
• Shakers
• Overhead Cranes
• Compactors
• Lift Systems
• Elevators
• Presses
• Milling Machines
• Grapple Cranes
• De-Watering Belt Press
• Loading/Unloading Stations
• Directional Conveyor Swivels
• Augers
• Mixing Systems
• Scales
• Truck Dumpers
• Loaders
• Hydraulic Press
• Automatic Skids
• Oven Doors
• Feed Doors
• Injection Molding
• Blow Molding
• Extrusion molding
• Die casters
• Tire Press
• Packaging

Hydraulic equipment used for brick cutting
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