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Fabricated Metal / Machinery

When it comes to the fabricated metal and machinery industries, Continental products are well equipped to perform in even the harshest and most hazardous conditions.

When there’s a high safety requirement, it’s imperative that machinery is locked in place during a casting process or a metal forming production line.

At Continental we have the understanding of extreme temperatures such as HNBR and Viton materials that are preferred for pneumatics on tamping and furnace rams. And that hydraulic or mechanical pistons may come into contact with fireproof fluids, so polymer compatibility should be checked for possible HFA/FHB fluid compatibility.

Continental is familiar and well versed in these specific applications. Speak with our team to ensure downtime is limited and your confidence in us higher than ever.

Continental Products for Fabricated Metal / Machinery

Hydraulic power unit; white background
High Performance Servo-Proportional Directional Control Valve
VSD03L direct operated solenoid valve product; white background

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• Machine Tools – Cutting/Forming/Stamping
• Foundries
• Pipe Rolling
• General Stamping
• Steel Mills
• Large Furnaces
• Job Shops


• Rollers
• Hot Formers
• Forming Presses
• Spot Welders
• Conveyors
• Drive Systems
• Clamps
• Cutting Systems
• Shears
• Feed Roller Cut-off
• Blanking Machines
• Hammering Presses
• Hydraulic Presses
• Hydro-forming Presses
• Punch Presses
• Shears/Saws
• Press Brakes
• Lathes
• Broaches
• Stamping
• Benders
• Electric Arc & Blast Furnace
• Strip Mill & Continuous Caster
• Coil Processing
• Roof Raise/Lower
• Galvanizing
• Leveling

Hydraulic machinery for fabricating metal
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