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Plastic / Rubber

The plastic and rubber industry uses hydraulics to force fluid products into a mold.

Because there are many processes that do this, including the manufacturing of plastic bags, bottles, plastic films, sheets, pipes, plastic foams, hoses, and tires – there is an increased demand for efficient hydraulics systems.

Continental Hydraulics applies their engineering excellence and application know-how to solve the real problems our customers face on a daily basis in these markets and beyond.

Speak to our team and explore how Continental Hydraulics can help you.

Continental Products for Plastic / Rubber

HPVR open-circuit piston pump product; white background
VSD05AM directional control valve product; white background
Electric Actuator product 1; white background

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• Injection Molding
• Blow Molding
• Vacuum Forming
• Rubber belt Manufacturing
• Tire Manufacturing
• Hose Industry
• O-Ring/Gaskets/Seals Industries
• Sound Proofing


• Conveyors
• Tire Grinders
• Injection Systems
• Presses
• Clamps

Hydraulic machine for rubber glove manufacturing
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