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Without effective transportation, our world would simply grind to a halt.

Through almost every stage of manufacturing, whether it be cars, trains, planes, lifts, or trucks, hydraulic systems are used to move something in an efficient way.

Continental provides industrial hydraulic solutions for customers who require a specific action that will assist in the movement of their product.

In this environmentally focused world, products are designed with efficiencies to reduce weight, noise, fuel, and space. This means that hydraulics need to be smaller, lighter while still being efficient in their performance – not to mention the potential impact on our environment.

We work closely with our customers to optimize their systems with our advanced solutions that help to keep their product moving in a safe and sustainable way.

Continental Products for Transportation

Gear pump products white background
Transportation gear pump product white background
VSD03L-3F1-A-ECGK12-A directional control valve, white background

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• Construction
• Cargo Handling
• Port Handling
• Terminal Handling
• Material Handling
• Refuse
• Emergency
• Work Vehicles
• Engine & Transmission


• Conveyors
• Container Handler
• Reach Stacker
• Straddle Carrier
• Cranes
• Shore Cranes
• Harbor Cranes
• Rail Stacking Cranes
• Lift Trucks
• Crane -Boom Lifts
• Truck Deck Crane
• Scissors Man Lift
• Reach Trucks
• Pallet trucks
• Fire Truck
• Wrecker
• Tow Truck
• Recovery Vehicle
• Front Loader
• Rear Loader
• Side Loader
• Slide Off
• Sewer Cleaner
• Sand/Salt Spreader
• Snow Removal

Car carrier truck carrying 8 cars on the highway
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