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Electric Actuators, Motors & Drives

Continental Hydraulics and DMS, thanks to its many years of experience in the world of components for industrial automation, today offers a new line of products for electromechanical actuation: recirculating ball and satellite roller electric cylinders, brushless and stepper motors, servo controllers. Our design skills are at your complete disposal to analyze the best solutions with you and propose a complete package suited to your needs.

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Top quality and flexibility in production of our electric cylinders

Available in different sizes, they can be configured to best meet the most varied design needs. They are offered both individually and as a complete solution equipped with brushless electric motors, steppers, vector steppers and related controllers. Based on the application needs and the necessary thrust loads, recirculating ball and satellite roller versions are available.

  • Complete with Motors and drives, or without for use with your preferred motors and drive
  • Inline or Parallel motor mounting
  • Custom requirements welcome
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Flexible Servo Motors and Servo Drives

Brushless motors with power supply from 160 to 560 Vdc and flange of 60, 80, 115, 145 mm with nominal torques from about 0.8 Nm to about 24 Nm. Two-phase stepper motors, vectoral and non-vector, are also available.

Servo Drives offering allows you to complete the electromechanical drive solution for your applications. Thanks to the RS232, RS485, EtherCAT ® , EtherNET ® and ProfiBUS ® interfaces , our solutions can communicate and be configured with the most popular systems. They are available for the entire range of motors offered and allow you to adjust torque, force, speed and positioning of one or two axes. The maximum output power ranges from 1.4 to 10 kW for single-axis versions and from 0.45 to 10 kW for double-axis versions. They can be powered from 48 to 460 Vac.

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