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Drives and Motors


The MBM motors are high-performance sinusoidal three-phase brushless servo-motors suitable for any automation application where accurate axis motion control is needed. Rare-heart high-energy NdFeB permanent magnets are used for rotor field, thus offering performances as high specific torque, high dynamics and efficiency. Natural cooling with PTC protection and high IP-class protection makes MBM motors very reliable even in critical environment. Strong mechanical design increases the robustness.

  • Permanent magnet brakes guarantee high holding force and quick engagement in case of emergency stop.
  • The possibility to mount a wide range of feedback sensors makes the MBM servo-motors suitable for most of market available servo controllers

Available in four Power ranges from 1400 Watt to 10,000 watt and a variety of supply Voltages these versatile drives interface with EtherCAT/Ethernet, CANopen, Prof bus DP, RS232 interface for parameterization via PC.

2 encoder interfaces, Encoder output for master-slave operation and “STO” function according to EN 61800-5-2


  • Operation of 2- and 3- phase brushless synchronous motors
  • Operation of 2-and 3-phase synchronous linear motors
  • Operation of brushed DC servo motors
  • Torque / force, speed, and positioning control
  • Position feedback via incremental encoder: RS422, SINCOS
  • Position feedback via absolute value encoder: BISS® or HIPERFACE® interface
  • Simultaneous use of several feedback systems possible
  • Interpolation via EtherCAT or CANopen
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