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Modular Stack Valves - Load Holding

Load holding valves are available in pilot operated check valves or counterbalance valves for applications requiring locking and holding the load in any position.

C03 and C05MSV-P load holding products; white background

Pilot Operated Check Valves

These valves allow free flow from the directional control valve work port to the load and blocks flow in the opposite direction. Flow is allowed from the load to the directional control valve work port when 30% of the load induced pressure is sensed in the opposing directional control valve work port.

  • NFPA D03 and D05 mounting patterns
  • Pressures to 5000 PSI and Flow to 32 GPM
  • Guided spool and poppet-seat lock the load in place
Aluminum Modular Stack Valves; white background

Pilot Operated Counterbalance Valves

The P0*MSV-C counterbalance valves with pilot assist are designed to control an overrunning load or hold a load in position by maintaining a back pressure on the outlet of the cylinder. An integral check valve allows for free flow in the reverse direction.

  • 0-5 Drop per minute leakage
  • Pressures to 3000 PSI and 30 GPM
  • NFPA D03 and D05 mounting patterns
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