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L-Shaped - Power Units - STANDARD

  • Fast metal cut off machinery
  • Steel mill production
  • Steel and pipe handling equipment
  • Metal forming
  • Pressing and clamping
  • Custom machines

L-shape style power units have the pump motors mounted on a base along the side of the reservoir to create a flooded or positive head inlet line. Tank sizes from 10 gallons to 200 gallons. All combinations of Continental pumps are available; Vane 4-75 GPM up to 3000 PSI, Piston pumps 6-29 GPM up to 4000 PSI, gear pumps .5 GPM to 12 GPM up to 3600 PSI. Plus many accessories configurable to produce a complete system. Multiple ways to service the reservoir. Through the bolt on top plate or side clean out cover.

Key Features:
  • System standards reference NFPA Stationary Industrial machinery.
  • L-shape reservoir design to provide flooded inlets for long system life.
  • Easily customized to meet any customer specification.
  • L-base can be made to accommodate back-up and or redundant pump motors: Sizes are 10 to 200 gallons
  • Continental wide variety of hydraulic pumps: Sizes are 1 to 75 GPM up to 4000 PSI
  • Continental wide variety of hydraulic valving: Sizes are D03, D05, D07, D08, on off and proportional
  • Assemblers are CFPS over 20 years’ experience each
  • Choose our offered IO link ready sensors for predictive maintenance. Pressure, temperature, and level
  • SAE ports, flange ports, hydraulic tubing and hose with 37Degree tube fittings.
  • Robust and quiet
  • Motor controls and panels
  • Air and or water cooling with target level filtration for maximum component life fluid conditioning is recommended.
  • Epoxy painting
  • Documented and Tested 100%
  • 18-month warranty


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