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Other Markets

In addition to the markets covered in this site, Continental Hydraulics has extensive experience in other markets also.

Established in 1960, we have extensive knowledge of hydraulic applications, some of which do not fit into a typical category.  At Continental Hydraulics we like to get down and dirty, exploring ways in which different products can perform in different systems and situations.

If you need help with a project, get in touch and start a conversation with one of our team members– we’re here to help.

Continental Products for All Other Markets

PVX_8B30_RF_P_1S17_A hydraulic pump; white background
HPVR open-circuit piston pump product; white background
Hydraulic power unit; white background

Case Studies Coming Soon


• Science
• Marine industries
• Test aftermarket
– Tire manufacturing
– Aerospace production testing
– Special effects equipment
– Material testing equipment
• Sporting goods


• Boat winches
• Stress testers
• Hydraulic brakes
• Motion seats (Amusement parks)
• Flight simulators
• Seismic/earthquake simulators
• Driving simulators
• Position cylinders
• Bow thrusters
• Davits stabilizers
• Hammering tools
• Water treatment
• Trash
• Compost

Hydraulic equipment located on deck of ship
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