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JIC Style - Power Units - STANDARD

  • Extrusion machinery
  • Handling equipment
  • Process equipment for; metal, automation, environmental, marine, thermal power
  • Metal forming
  • Pressing and clamping

JIC style units are power units with pump motors mounted horizontally on the top of the reservoir. Tank sizes from 10 gallons to 210 gallons. All combinations of Continental pumps are available; Vane 4-75GPM up to 3000 PSI, Piston pumps 6-29 GPM up to 4000 PSI, gear pumps .5 GPM to 12 GPM up to 3600 PSI. Pluss many accessories configurable to produce a complete system.

Key Features:
  • System standards reference NFPA Stationary Industrial machinery.
  • JIC horizontal style reservoir assembly: Sizes are 10 gallons to 210 gallons
  • Continental wide variety of hydraulic pumps: Sizes are 1 to 75 GPM up to 4000 PSI
  • Continental wide variety of hydraulic valving: Sizes are D03, D05, D07, D08, on off and proportional
  • Assemblers are CFPS over 20 years’ experience each
  • Multitude of fluid power accessories: Examples are; Gauges, ball valves, check valves, pressure and temperature switches, filters, heat exchangers, tank heaters, etc.
  • SAE ports, flange ports, hydraulic tubing and hose with 37Degree tube fittings.
  • Robust and quiet
  • Motor controls and panels
  • Epoxy painting
  • Documented and Tested 100%
  • 18-month warranty


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