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Modular Stack Valves

Modular stack valves allow for many circuit function components to be easily mounted in a very economical, no leak package. With all functions located in a single convenient space, adjustments can easily be made. Functions include checks, flow controls, pressure controls, load holding and solenoid operated blocking valves.

Modular check valve products; white background

Direct Operated Check Valve

This series of valves are a direct check valve made as a modular stack version with mounting surface according to the NFPA and ISO 4401 standards. — It is used to avoid oil backflows and self-emptying of lines, or to generate back-pressures.

  • Available in D03 and D05 mounting patterns
  • Rated to 5000 PSI and up to 26 GPM
  • Pressure line or tank line circuits
Modular stack valve pressure control family products; white background

Circuit Pressure Control Functions

Used to control all aspects of the system pressure or circuit pressure control, these modular stack valves are available in relief, pressure reducing and sequence functions

  • Available in D03 and D05 Mounting patterns
  • Rated to 5000 PSI and up to 26 GPM
  • Available in all work ports, to control desired pressure functions
Modular stack valve flow control family products; white background

Flow control with or without Pressure Compensation

Modular stack valves designed for control of output flow rates. Non-compensated flow control valves are made of cast iron bodies and pressure compensated flow controls are made with aluminum

  • Available in D03 and D05 Mounting patterns
  • Cast iron versions to 5000 PSI, aluminum versions to 3000 PSI
  • Meter IN and Meter Out functions
F03MSV-BV modular stack valve product; white background

Zero Leak Work Port Blocking Valves - F03MSV and F05MSV

This modular stack valve is designed to help block oil movement both from the control valve or from the actuator. Typically used with proportional valves with zero-lap type spool configurations that could allow oil movement when the system is shut down.

  • Block flow when de-energized and will allow bi-directional flow when energized
  • Rated to 5000 PSI and Flows to 30 GPM
  • NFPA D03 and D05 mounting patterns
P03MSV-C and P03MSV C modular stack valve products; white background

Counterbalance and Pilot Operated Check Valves

These modular stack valves utilize a cartridge type, guided poppet, hydraulic operated, pilot assisted, counterbalance valves or pilot operated check as a blocking or load-holding device for applications requiring locking and holding the load in any position.

  • Rated to 3000 PSI Aluminum and 5000 PSI Cast Iron
  • Flow rates to 32 GPM
  • NFPA D03 or D05 mounting patterns
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