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F03MSV-BV and F05MSV-BV (Cast Iron)


This modular stack valve is designed to help block oil movement both from the control valve or from the actuator. Typically used with Proportional valves with Zero-Lap type spool configurations that could allow oil movement when the system is shut down.

This valve will block flow when de-energized and will allow bi-directional flow when energized.

Both the A and B work ports incorporate a 2-way, 2-position bi-directional, normally closed poppet type solenoid valve. Energizing the solenoid will allow full flow to the system.

Key Features:
  • Maximum operating pressure:
    F03MSV and F05MSV is 5000 psi
  • Maximum flow rate:
    F03MSV is 20 gpm, F05MSV is 30 gpm
  • 24 Volt DC Solenoid – DIN 43650 connection, 1.21 A

F0-MSV-BV Form No. 1020398 Rev. 07-21

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