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Medical / Pharmaceutical

Across both medical and pharmaceutical markets, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are part of the highly regulated operations where safety and efficacy are vital for business success.

With reliability being an important requirement, our products are ideal for moving, positioning, pulling, lifting, and lowering heavy loads. All this with the need for flexibility, durability, and simplicity.

Continental Hydraulics gives you the control when and where you need it most – especially when it’s in pharmaceutical environments that require sterilized equipment, free of bacterial, build-up, or the possibility of cross-contamination.

Trust Continental  Hydraulics to listen to your exacting requirements in these sectors.  Reach out to one of our team members today to start your project!

Continental Products for Medical / Pharmaceutical

Electric Actuator product 1; white background
VSD03L direct operated solenoid valve product; white background
PVX_8B30_RF_P_1S17_A hydraulic pump; white background

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• Pharmaceutical


• Conveyors
• Packaging Machines
• Pharmaceutical Presses

Hydraulic machinery being used in medical laboratory
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