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Since agriculture depends so much on the efficiency of hydraulic-powered equipment in the fields, our products work to help our customers power through all conditions and environments.

Moving produce from field to market requires reliable and streamlined operations, including products that are made to last. At Continental, we pride ourselves in our engineering excellence and application know-how.

Since agricultural machines and vehicles demand very high levels of reliability, performance, and flexibility – our stock of hydraulic components and systems are best-in-class and provide superior performance in all your machine operations.

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Continental Products for Agriculture

Gear pump products white background
Joysticks and control products for agriculture
VSD03L-3F1-A-ECGK12-A directional control valve, white background

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• Tractors
• Grain Elevator
• Farming
• Harvesting
• Fertilizing


• Three Point Hitch
• Conveyors – Grain
• Combines & Harvesters
• Fertilizer Tractors

Large metal silos and conveyor belt used for agriculture
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