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Io-Link product; orange; white background


Easy integration and diagnostic functions
Enable diagnostics and setting adjustments, as required by Industry 4.0. Advantages ranging from predictive maintenance to performance measurements for productivity.

PVX_8B30_RF_P_1S17_A hydraulic pump; white background


Continental Hydraulics variable-displacement, pressure-compensated vane pumps known for outstanding performance, long life and quiet operation even in some of the worst conditions facing pump applications.

  • Fast response and recovery times
  • High reliability with few moving parts
  • High volumetric and overall efficiency
  • Low noise level – down to 67dBA at 3000 PSI
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearing
  • Very low pressure and flow ripple


Continental Hydraulics Inc. open-circuit piston pumps meets the demands of industrial and mobile engineers and operators looking for high power density. The reliability and productivity of these small, lightweight pumps makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of medium-pressure applications.

  • Fast response and recovery times
  • High volumetric and overall efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • Variety of controls for all application requirements
High Performance Servo-Proportional Directional Control Valve

High speed precision with digital electronics

Continental Hydraulics offers a complete range of proportional valves: pressure control, flow control, directional, explosion-proof, high response. The various models are available with or without on-board electronic (OBE), feedback and in closed loop as well as field-bus and IO-Link configurations. Along with proportional valves, we also offer many digital electronic cards for both open and closed loop applications.

Efficiency, speed, accuracy, repeatability and the chance to program the control are only some of the many benefits of proportional technology on electro hydraulics applications. Moreover, proportional components allow to speed up processes while reducing wastes and errors margins.

  • With or without on-board electronics
  • Multiple flow ranges to match your requirements
  • Durable and incredible performance
VSD05AM directional control valve; white background

Rugged, durable and efficient

High flows and low pressure drops make them the perfect choice for new systems or to improve older ones. Continental Hydraulics manufactures NFPA D03 to D10 size manifold mounted directional control valves. With pressures to 5000 PSI continues duty and many function flow direction options, we have the correct valves for your application.

  • AC and DC voltages and connection options
  • Pressures to 5000 PSI
  • Interchangeable with all major manufactures
Modular stack valve products; aluminum and cast iron; white background

Flow, check and pressure controls

Modular stack valves are designed to install between the valve and its mounting surface. This will eliminate plumbing connections and reduce space requirements. Continental Hydraulics has a full range including check, flow control, relief, reducing, sequencing, shuttle valves and counterbalance valves. Manufactured to NFPA and ANSI/ISO’s standards

  • High flow rates with low pressure drop
  • Numerous functions and flow / pressure ranges
  • NFPA D03 and D05 mounting

Aluminum body products rated up to 3000 PSI
Cast Iron body products rated up to 5000 PSI

Pilot operated relief valves; white background

Rugged, durable and efficient

Pilot operated relief valves are available in both In-Line body with threaded port or sub-plate mounting configurations.

These valves utilize large poppets and wide passages for reduced pressure drops, improving the energy efficiency of the plant while maintaining a compact footprint.

  • Compact design
  • Pressures to 5000 PSI and flows to 130 GPM
  • Solenoid unloading and multiple selectable pressure options

Hydraulic Power Units

Continental has earned their outstanding reputation for high quality, long lasting power units over the last 58 years because of:

  • International standard design and or customized to your specific application.
  • Engineering support, standard and custom design configuration with drawing documentation
  • Long life, low warranty, distribution support.
Electric Actuator product; white background

Repeatability with built in power savings and smart controls at your fingertips

Electromechanical actuation products for applications that require power, speed and precision in conditions that traditional fluid power products can’t be applied into.

They are offered both individually and as a complete solution equipped with brush-less electric motors, steppers, vector steppers and related controllers.

  • Precision
  • Thrust to 22,000 pounds (100,000 N)
  • Speeds to 50 inches per second
Manifold flow control valve product; white background

Standard and custom manifolds

A complete line of manifolds, subplates, adapters and cover plates that meet all ISO and NFPA standards. Our standard manifold products for use in parallel or series circuit systems, ranging from ISO 02 valve patterns through ISO 10.

  • Single station standard sup-plate styles
  • Multi-station manifolds
  • Aluminum products to 3000 PSI and ductile or stainless steel to 5000 PSI
  • Custom designs available
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