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Electronics Talking Back With Precision

Electronics talking back with precision

As production demands increase, the factories are turning to real-time data to make smarter decisions. What if your devices could tell you what they are doing and how well. Then instantly alert you to problems?
IO-Link solutions enable the integration of hydraulics valves, both ON-OFF and Proportional, in digital communication systems. IO-Link is not a communication bus, but a point-to-point digital communication protocol.
Also, by using IO-Link technology on hydraulic power units, they become a dynamic system made “smarter” using the IO-Link protocol. Advantages which are derived from turning components into their smart and connected versions. Hydraulic power unit can now be used to manage the supply of power. A necessary condition to realize an authentic predictive maintenance. Optimize your operations, get more from your devices, and make better, data-driven decisions with IO-Link solutions.

By adopting IO-Link communication, your organization can benefit from these five powerful advantages:

IO-Link devices are connected by cost-effective, standard cables with universal connectors to your components.

IO-Link gives you access to operational and performance metrics for your devices. Smart components with IO-Link let you remotely access readings and see how well the component is doing. Real-time diagnostics, operators can be alerted in advance before it fails.

Remote configuration and monitoring allow you to dynamically control devices. Easily switch between device parameters to speed up product changeover.

When you need to replace a component, simply swap it out with a new one and let IO-Link automatically import prior settings. Helps get your line back up and running as quickly as possible.

IO-Link anticipates problems before they escalate. Calculate equipment effectiveness, identify performance trends, and optimize maintenance schedules. Real-time data makes troubleshooting simple, and historical data predicts and prevents downtime.

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