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Power Units: Weather The Storm

Power Units: Weather the Storm

Customer: NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)
Application: Scientific Research, (Power unit for a NOAA research vessel)

PMEL (Federal Lab) conducts  research of the global ocean and its interactions with the earth, atmosphere, ecosystems, and climate. Controlling a fleet of vessels all around the globe, with a mission to A) observe, analyse and predict oceanic and atmospheric phenomena, B) lead the development and deployment of innovative technologies, C) identify and understand ocean-related issues, and D) inform society with well-documented science. Research areas include ocean acidification, tsunami detection, hydrothermal vent systems, oceanography, and long term climate analysis.

This unit was provided to power a winch that deploys and recovers a tow-able sensor behind the ship. There are already hydraulics on the ship that could’ve been used but the additional hydraulic plumbing, regulatory body inspections, etc. would’ve exceeded the budget and tight schedule. Fluid and Motion Control Technologies, LLC designed, manufactured and delivered a power unit using Continentals variable PVX pump. This pump was instrumental in bringing this project in under budget and on-time. With proper maintenance, this unit will yield decades of reliable service in harsh environments to those patriots involved in climate science.

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