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VED03MX Direct Operated - PROPORTIONAL VALVES - High Performance Servo – Proportional


The VED03MX valve is a 4-way (3 position + Fail-Safe Position) Servo-Proportional valve. Spring offset and precision Line to Line Spool/Sleeve for no delay when crossing “null”, resulting in high dynamic performance and increased control when used in precision Positioning and Pressure control applications.

Valves conform to NFPA D03 and ISO 4401 mounting standards.

Key Features
  • 160 Hz high frequency response operation
  • On-Board Digital Control resulting in extremely low Phase Lag and high frequency operation
  • 3 position with Fail-Safe 4th Position
  • High Precision Lap Spool in Sleeve design provides zero crossing delay at Null
  • Spool position feedback


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