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VED05 (J SERIES) - PROPORTIONAL VALVES - Directional Control with Feedback


The VED05MJ is a direct operated directional proportional valve with On Board Electronics (OBE) and mounting interface in compliance with ISO 4401-05 standards.

It is normally used to control the positioning and the speed of hydraulic actuators.

The valves are available with command signal in voltage or current, and on-board electronics with internal enable, external enable or 0V monitor on pin C.

A solenoid current monitoring signal is available.

The valve is easy to install. The driver directly manages digital settings. In the event of special applications, you can customize the settings using the optional kit.

Key Features
  • Industry Standard 7 Pin Connection
  • Durability and Low Hysteresis
  • Transducer and digital card allow a fine control in positioning circuits
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