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VER03MG Proportional Pressure Relief Valve with On-Board Electronics


The VER03MG valve is a direct operated pressure control valve, with integrated electric proportional control and mounting interface in compliance with NFPA and ISO 4401 standards. It is suitable to pilot two-stage valves, or for pressure control of pilot signals in hydraulic circuits.

These valves are easy to install.

On-Board digital Electronics are factory preset for optimum performance and are available with a variety of interfaces.

Key Features:
  • IO-Link, Analog and Fieldbus control interfaces available
  • Pressure ranges to 5000 PSI and Flows to 0.5 GPM
  • The valve is available in five pressure control ranges from 15 to 5000 PSI.

VER03MG Proportional Pressure Relief Valves with OBE Form #1013187 Rev 06-20

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Date added: 07-24-2020
Date modified: 07-24-2020


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