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VER03MP Pilot Operated Proportional Pressure Relief Valve


The VER03M valve is a direct operated pressure control proportional valve, with mounting interface in compliance with NFPA and ISO 4401 standards.

It is suitable to modulate the pressure in hydraulic circuits. The valve can be controlled directly by a current control supply unit or by an electronic control Module to maximize valve performance to optimum performance. The design of this valve has a mechanical pressure limitation feature for higher safety of the application. Five pressure control ranges up to 350 bar are available.

Key Features:
  • Flows up to 10 GPM
  • The valve is available in five pressure control ranges from 15 to 5000 PSI.
  • Great repeatability and step response times

VER03MP Pilot Operated Proportional Pressure Relief Valves Form #1013153 Rev 06-20

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