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Product Videos

Product Videos

Continental Hydraulics Presents: Product Videos

Monitored Valves, Proportional Valves and Vane Pumps
Monitored Valve Products for Machine Safety
Continental Hydraulics stands ready to meet the increasing requirements and regulations for limiting operational hazards and to ensure the safest work environment possible. Our dual-monitored valve products are designed and tested to help ensure a high level of health and safety.

Topics covered:
• Who & What are the driving forces for these products?
• Why are these types of products required?
• What products are available?
• How do these products function in the overall Safety Control Loop and help you achieve new levels of machine safety?

Proportional Valves Are In Control
Today more than ever our clients are asking for our assistance to increase throughput and decrease costs. Continental Hydraulics Proportional Products are made to achieve these goals.
Learn more about our product capability and control options from Industry common control to IO-Link and Fieldbus Control options. Theses control options and four families of performance ensure the performance and flexibility to meet most all requirements.

Families of Performance include:
• Directional Control
• Flow Control
• Pressure Control
• Hazardous Location rated products

Features of our Proportional Products:
• Open loop and closed loop capability
• Economical and robust
• High speed, consistent and accurate performance

Variable Displacement Vane Pumps
Fluid power professionals and system designers have hundreds of pumps to choose from – we can help. Continental Hydraulics variable-displacement, pressure-compensated vane pumps are proven to deliver reliability and value, in the most rugged applications. Take a look at why so many customers and markets prefer using our vane pumps and why you should too.

Design Features:
• Flow rates to 75 GPM / Pressures to 3000 PSI
• Noise as low as 67 dB at 3000 PSI
• Multiple Control Options
• Great suction characteristics
• 100% HP Thru Drive Capable

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